Thursday, October 24, 2013

Greg Lemond Is The Man

It needs to be stated right off the bat that Mongo cannot stand Lance Armstrong. I was onto his game from the early days, and I have expressed my opinion on this subject, both privately and publicly, on many occasions. In my eyes, the horse named "Mellow Johnny" is now getting what he had coming and suffering the consequences of being the greatest fraud in sporting history. The horse is dead...and Mongo is done beating it.

That being said, it seems that many of the Armstrong apologists have turned their ignorance and vitriol towards Greg Lemond.

Lemond appeared on CNN recently and recounted his experiences with LA and interjected his opinions on cycling performances with and without doping. What clearly angered most delusional supporters was the claim by Lemond that LA would only have been a Top 30 finisher in the Tour de France without his doping exploits.

The party line seems to be..."Yeah, Lance doped, cheated, lied, bribed UCI officials, manipulated his teammates, bullied and financially ruined people,(Including Lemond and his bicycle brand, along with threatening to reveal Lemond's childhood sexual abuse), and shrouded all of this behind the protection of his cancer and the Livestrong foundation...but, Greg Lemond should stop acting like a whiny, bitter old man because it makes him look petty and tarnishes his legacy." Are you fucking kidding me!?

Greg Lemond stood up to injustice and fraud. From the very beginning he paid a definitive personal and professional price by being one of the lone dissenting voices in the LA fairy tale...and history has proven him right. He is a hero in Mongo's eyes...both on and off the bike.

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