Monday, October 24, 2011

One More For The Road

Tonight was the penultimate 23/2300 Hammerfest of the season...meaning that next Monday, Halloween, will be the final official team ride of the "Road" year. Many of the team members have already transitioned into the quirky, cantilever-brake, world of cyclocross, but it really is the end of the season for most of the guys.

Though Mongo has promised to practice up on my portaging and dismounts for the "uno" cyclocross race I'll be doing this year, I'm kind of sad to see the sunlight, warmth, and enjoyment, inevitably slow down to a trickle over the coming Winter months.

I've had a good year on the bike! Next to Cat 3 up and comer, "Full" Gass, I can honestly say that Mongo was probably the most improved member of the Smyrna Bicycles peloton. I went from "bad" to "I've seen worse" in a little under a year. If I can get to "pretty good" next season, then there might just be some "Cat 4 Domination" in my future.

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