Monday, March 12, 2012

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Gloom Of Night: First MNR In The Books

Mongo has been looking forward to tonight for quite a while. With the time change comes the return of the the Smyrna Bicycles 23/2300 Hammerfest Monday Night Ride. Unfortunately, the weather decided to be a dick.

Six brave team members gathered at the appointed place and time under a steady drizzle. The rest of the crew, who have lost their "hardcore" street cred, decided that a little water was the deal breaker for the first official team ride of the season.

Mongo, Clay, Ian, Mark, Chris, and MC, all had a fun ride. The pace was quick but not crazy, with safety being a factor, and everyone rode well...with Mongo being the weakest link in this posse. But...I did climb pretty strong out there. Thanks to MC and some motivation, I managed to hang with the group most of the way on both big hills.

When it came to the Sprint, Mongo attacked MC early... which led to Mark jumping on the other side. By the time MC realized I was no threat, which was immediately, Mark had a big enough gap that MC couldn't reel him in. I have to say that this would be considered a moderate upset in the Smyrna Bicycles hierarchy.

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