Monday, February 28, 2011

Dude...I'm Tired

If repeating an action and expecting different results is a sign of insanity, then what is repeating an action that you know will produce the same results...and those results will always be bad? I'm sure years of therapy could probably get to the bottom of this. Thus is Mongo's dilemma with pizza and cycling.

This past Saturday evening, my body starved for carbs after my "Three-peat" victory, Mongo gorged himself on some sweet, deep-dish pizza. I love pizza, but the older I get, the less pizza loves me. I immediately went into a gluttonous coma and planned on sleeping-in on Sunday and riding later in the day. Unfortunately, I checked my email late and saw that there would be a team ride early in the morning. I knew that I would have a food hangover and my legs would be like syrup, but I got up and went anyway...Bad idea!

I didn't eat before I left...I didn't take any SportLegs...I didn't dope-up on the NO-Xplode...and I felt exactly like I knew I would. And...the ride ended up being all climbing with guys who are stronger than me. One Roctane later, Mongo limped home a beaten man. On the positive side, I am noticeably improving my climbing as my weight drops and my fitness rises.

Today, Mongo tinkered with the bikes in the garage and changed a cassette on the F600...which I then rode for about fifteen miles before calling it a day. It's been a strenuous past ten days on and of the bike...I'm tired!

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