Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Like Donkey Kong: It All Comes Down To What's Between The Ears And Legs

 we go! Mongo's very first Time Trial, and what is hopefully the beginning of a successful "Cat 5 Domination" racing season, kicks off on Saturday morning. Though the location is harder to find than an underground rave in '97, I'm ready to roll.

Mongo hates talking about himself...ok, not really, but I do want to keep it real for a minute. I challenged myself at the end of November of last year to accomplish a few things by this point. They were, to train hard and ride throughout the Winter, both outside and on the trainer; take my diet seriously, quit the ice-cream, and lose fifteen to twenty pounds. I have accomplished all of these things.

Of course, all of this plus a Marta pass guarantees me nothing but a seat on the train. However, I'm feeling pretty good. Though I've lost about fifteen pounds overall, I've gained about five pounds of muscle. This may or may not be due to a recent delivery from Kazakhstan, but I'm in better shape at this time of year than I ever have been at this point before.

Mongo isn't worried about my result in the TT. As I've said before, this ain't my thing and I don't own a proprietary bicycle. All I know is that I've put in the work all Winter on the hills and the country roads, winning twice on the suburban group ride "B" circuit and holding my own when I mix it up with the big boys, so logic would dictate that I'll probably do pretty well for a man of my advanced years. But as cyclists, we all know that "shit don't always work that way".

Mongo's prediction for the 12 mile course...33:29

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