Friday, February 11, 2011

Two Weeks After Six Days Ago: Cat 5 Domination Ain't Easy

This artistically framed photo was taken by Mongo himself on Monday mere minutes after I decided not to ride around the barriers and cross the tracks ahead of the oncoming train...Though I had plenty of time and room, every "Murphy's Law" scenario and childhood fear came to mind so I decided to unclip and take random pictures with my phone instead. I was rewarded for my "safety first" attitude with an obnoxiously long and loud horn blast from an overly friendly, and "wavey", train driver (I'm not quite sure what they're called these days).

Since my Prac-TT last Thursday, Mongo has managed four days of outside riding. On Saturday, I rode to the "Enemy Bike Shop" ride and there were literally two other people there. It might have been because it was thirty degrees and wet. We all looked at each other for a while and then rode off in separate directions. I got in some serious climbing and then spent an hour after the ride on the trainer.

On Sunday, I got up very early for the "Smyrna Bicycles Weekly Winter (Until the time change) Sunday Morning Crack O' Dawn" ride. I was really looking forward to riding with the fellas, but I obviously woke up with a case of the stupids because I decided to put on two new tires at the last minute...and proceeded to get two pinch-flats and run out of both tubes and time before the ride started. Instead of packing it in and going back to bed, mostly because I had already dosed up on Sportlegs and embrocation, Mongo saddled up the F600 and did thirty five miles on the trail.

On Monday, with new S-Works rubber safely mounted and a spare tube in tow, Mongo put in a strong solo effort on the 23/2300 Hammerfest loop. Tuesday and Wednesday were trainer only days, but I managed to work on my leg speed while staring at myself in a big mirror.

Today, Mongo randomly ran into "Thanks For Not Calling Me" Tom in the middle of putting in another loop on the Hammerfest course. We took it easy and had a good ride. With only eight days left before my first race of the season, Mongo needs to focus and finish my training strong. I feel good!

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