Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Step Beyond

As March draws to a close, Mongo is lamenting the fact that this month has so few posts to show for it. We all know the reason, but every month since December of '07, Mongo has managed an average of 20-40 entries. While I do enjoy hearing myself write, it is more the cathartic action of the actual task that I am most missing. Getting lost in words and ideas of one's own creation is one of my own personal pleasures. (Along with my Guinness-certified, world record collection of pre-digital adult films)

So...instead of "talking the talk", Mongo has been out there "walking the walk". I've been riding as much as the weather and my work schedule allow. My mountain bike, trainer, and road bike have all seen extensive action, and along with the dieting, which has helped drop close to twenty pounds, there is a distinct possibility that I am riding at the highest overall level of my life. I don't want to jinx myself, because I definitely still have a ways to go, but I fully expect to be "in the mix" near the front of the peloton by the Summer.

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