Sunday, May 22, 2011

Facts Trump Fiction

Mongo watched the entire 60 Minutes segment with Tyler Hamilton recounting his doping relationship with Mellow Johnny and US Postal "back in the day". What did I learn?...Nothing that I didn't already believe to be true. It was what happened next that got me thinking.

I turned the channel to watch the conclusion of the Tour of California...which was ultimately won by American, Chris Horner. Mongo likes C-Horn...and therein lies the problem. All my natural skepticism and doubt about heroic performances never came to mind as I watched Horner wrap up the title.

Chris Horner will be 40 years old this year and he just won a major stage race against a world-class field. This is the biggest victory of his career, at 40, and he works for the same Director and team structure that cloaked Mellow Johnny and Tyler Hamilton . Hmmm?

I hope Horner is clean. Statistics, logic, and good old common sense say otherwise.

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