Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Can't Believe It's May Already

Though the posts are fewer and farther between, that doesn't mean that Mongo isn't keeping up with what's going on around me. With the Giro fast approaching in a couple of days, I'll be getting back to predictions and analysis very soon.

Mongo's own cycling performances have been hit and miss lately. Allergies and general sickness have plagued my "Cat 5 Domination" for the past few weeks. One day I might feel strong, and the next day I'm hacking up a small puppy from my lungs and my eyes feel like they've been sandblasted.

I have had some good rides along the way, though. The 23/2300 Hammerfest is back in action with more guys joining the peloton who are better climbers than Mongo, which shouldn't surprise anyone, but my overall fitness continues to improve and occasionally I can still get in the mix. Add to this the supplemental "Enemy Bike Shop" rides, both the Cat 6/7 and the "Big Boy", which our team continues to dominate, and I'm quite happy with how Mongo's Spring campaign has gone so far.

This past Saturday was a big day for the entire Smyrna Bicycles crew. In the morning, many of us participated in the second annual, "Mike E Memorial Ride". Though Mike is not dead, and is actually getting in "Super Colorado" shape, I think the name is catchy and I wanted to trademark it just in case there was a horrific hot tub accident at his mountain-top chalet.

That evening we were all lucky enough to attend the nuptials of teammates, Kinga and Tom. The bride looked beautiful, Tom looked happy, and there was entertainment a plenty courtesy of Snow Bunny. It was a good time.

Stay tuned for my Giro thoughts and reports.

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