Monday, May 16, 2011

This Is Embarrassing

Alberto Contador in pink after the first major test in the mountains


The only innocent person in this photo is the little girl on the bottom right...and I can't even prove that for sure. As far as I know, she might be like the character in the movie "The Orphan"...a thirty-something, Eastern European gypsy, masquerading as a cute child. Who really knows these days in the world of Pro cycling?

What I do know is that the two podium girls surrounding Alberto "The Pistol Is In The Pinto" Contador are dirty! (Spelled with a "U" and two "R's") They are looking at each other like a couple of strippers who are about to do something naughty...with each other. Contador is just the poor schlep who is stuck paying for the champagne and cocaine. Trust me, Mongo knows strippers!

Anyway, Contador is leading, and will probably win, the Giro d'Italia with a doping case pending on appeal. Should the CAS rule against Contador, then all his results from the date of the Clenbuterol-tainted urine sample onward will probably be negated. That would include this Giro d'Italia. Woo Hoo! I'll bet the race organisers are thrilled.

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