Thursday, July 28, 2011

4-6 Weeks: The Time It Takes To Heal Most Sports Injuries Or Receive Delivery Of The Album "Freedom Rock" That Was Ordered Late One Night Off The TV Because Sometimes You Just Have To Turn It Up

It's been an interesting Summer for Mongo in my never ending quest for "Cat 5 Domination". My shoulder injury still hasn't healed completely, and even though I've continued to ride throughout rehab, it gets kinda old after a while when you are constantly in pain every time you get on a bike. This weekend will be six weeks since the crash and unfortunately I think I still have a couple of weeks until I'm 100%.

That being said, Mongo has found himself a new training aid...a 12 pound weighted vest. (Pictured Below)

These things are used by serious athletes for their multitude of uses. What's kind of funny is that they are not recommended for cycling specifically. The added weight benefits the body most when lined up in a linear fashion with the spine. At an angular slant, the increased weight puts added stress on joints and ligaments.

That being said, again...this vest is well balanced, contours to my body, I can wear it under a jersey as to not look like a total dork, and so far it's working out my abs and quads like a "mofo"! My core is definitely getting stronger, as was evident in my solo breakaway win last Saturday at the Cat 6/7 "Enemy Bike Shop" ride, so I think I'll keep using it.

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