Monday, July 25, 2011

Fantasy And Reality: Predictions And Results


We can debate the tradition of giving male cyclists a bunch of flowers on the podium, which they immediately throw into the crowd, I might add, but this one in particular looks pretty lame. After all, shouldn't the first Australian to ever win the Tour de France get something better than airport flowers supported by a sub-structure of celery and reeds woven by a village of Marsh Arabs? (60 Minutes reference...who's with me?)

Anyway...Cadel won a well deserved victory and Mongo feels good about his PDQ. (Potential Doping Quotient) On a scale of 1(Garmin-Cervelo) to 10 (RadioShack) on the PDQ, I'll put Cadel at a 2-3.

How did my predictions for the top 10 on GC turn out? Well...Three guys crashed out of the Tour (Kloden, Horner, Van Den Broeck), two guys crashed early and were never a factor (Leipheimer, Gesink), one guy was wishful thinking but still rode well in his first Tour (Van Garderen), and four of my picks panned out, including the winner (Sanchez, Contador, Schleck, Evans).

As for my fantasy team, "Cat 5 Domination". At a little under 2000 points out of the top 100, let's just say I'll know how to play the game better next year. (There were over 100,000 participants, so in the big scheme of things Mongo did pretty well)

95 saguaro 4066
96 Les Quebecois 4065
97 marchandmike 4064
98 Spartacus Boys 4064
99 Bazinga 4061
100 cnpmet 4058
13638 Cat 5 Domination 2073

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