Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go Ahead And Make It Nineteen

As Fall fast approaches, I find myself rounding into my best shape in almost twenty years. My weight is also the lowest it's been during that same time while sporting an athletic build. I was much skinnier than this at one time, but that was after a particularly bad break up where I sulked and depressed away about forty pounds. Unfortunately, I also lost most of my muscle tone. I remember all too well the gelatinous blob of flesh that was draped over my bones with very little structure. I will gladly fight the good fight of a Ben & Jerry's induced inch of fat around my belly now that I have a strong, solid, core and frame.

Back to my point...I've made a big leap in my performance and consistency on the bike and I don't want to lose it. I can actually see myself dropping another fifteen to twenty pounds and being a serious threat on the road. We're talking Cat 4 domination! But...much like the Detroit Lions, Mongo doesn't have a track record that would instill confidence for long term success. I must prove to myself and those around me that I can do what I've never done before. Stay tuned...

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