Monday, September 5, 2011

I've Read This Story Before


If there is one thing that Mongo has learned about the Spanish through cycling, it's that they love winning more than they hate cheating. Contador and his issues aside, it seems like every year at the Vuelta a Espana a second tier Spanish cyclist comes out of nowhere to provide a heroic stage win or place "too high" on the overall GC. Last year it was Ezequial Mosquera, and this year it's Juan Jose Cobo.

Cobo hasn't tested positive for anything (yet), but I am convinced he's a doper. Add to this that the team he rides for, Geox-TMC, is desperate for a good result having been excluded from the TDF. Since their supposed team leaders, Menchov and Sastre, have been sucking as of late, someone else had to step up and represent the team. Cobo went out and won the hardest stage in the Vuelta, Angliru, and now is the race leader.

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