Monday, November 14, 2011

Twenty Miles And A Lifetime Away

Mongo rode fifty miles today. Not so impressive in the big scheme of things, but considering my condition yesterday I was just happy to leave the house and get on a bike.

You see, Mongo spent all day Sunday "locked down" in my dark, cool, quiet bedroom, laying immobile, only interrupted by my occasional need to vomit. I was suffering from a migraine headache of Tsunami proportions.

About four to five times per year Mongo stumbles into the perfect storm of dehydration combined with an overload of both sugar and sodium. This leads to a total body shut down. It just so happened that yesterday was a bad day to be out of action. Mongo missed competing in the one and only Cyclocross race that I probably was ever going to do. Now...I'm obligated to try again one day.

Let me congratulate my fellow teammates from "The Greatest Bike Shop In The World" who, unlike Mongo, managed to HTFU and get out there and race. They are...Brown, Dan, Mark, Tom, Steven, and Ian. Well done, boys!

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