Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wondering Why And Where Did I Go

So...I've come to the conclusion that I, Mongo "Winthorp" Pusher, have been doing a shitty job of blogging over the past few months.

There are many reasons and excuses for my less than prolific output, and I wish I could say that I was concentrating on quality over quantity, but the truth of the matter is that I've gotten lazy!

As with cycling, writing involves getting out there and doing it. Just as you can't fake your way around dominating an "Underground-Cat 6/7-AlleyCat-Suburban-Group Ride" without training, you can't produce the brilliance that is this blog without putting in some significant keyboard time.

I vow to all my loyal and misguided readers, who are obviously just taking a break from porn when they stop by, that I, Mongo "Billy Ray" Pusher, will do my best to put in the miles and cat-up with my writing.

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