Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...Or Half A Page Of Scribbled Lines

This is a bad photograph of one of Mongo's watches taken mere minutes ago. Though a nice Tag-Heuer that I have owned for over twenty years, it is not the thing, but instead the memories attached to it, that I have treasured all this time.

Mongo doesn't wear jewelry...Unless of course you count the "big-ass" gold and platinum cross, the diamond studs, the pinky-ring, and the assorted, bedazzled "kicks" that I wear to the club on occasion. Other than that, I have always only just worn a watch.

Like most people of my generation, my first watch was a Timex. It had a brown leather strap and gold trim around a very basic, hand wound, analog dial. I was so proud! This was second grade if I remember correctly.

The watch that officially made me cool was given to me by my brother in-law when I was about thirteen. My parents gave him a Rolex or an Omega for getting my sister off their hands, and he gave me his Seiko divers watch. It was big, bulky, and bad ass! The only problem was that it lost about two minutes per day.

My first expensive'ish watch was once again another Seiko. I talked my parents into coughing up the $150.00 (in 80's dollars) for my Christmas present when I was sixteen. It was a sweet, stainless steel, quartz, diver-style watch that I wore proudly for almost thirty years.

The above Tag was also a present from my family. I think both of my sisters went in on this one as well. It continues to be worn frequently and I hope to get another twenty years out of it. Though I have owned, and do own, other watches, some cheaper, some much more expensive, these four watches in particular have been there for every meaningful stop along the timeline of my life

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