Monday, January 30, 2012

Shocking The Monkey: Time To Get Serious

In a little under three weeks Mongo will be competing in my first  "sanctioned" race of the year. It is also a kicking off, of sorts, for the 2012 season and the entire Smyrna Bicycles (pronounced "lay-o-pard") Cycling Team.

Though it is only a TT, and a length of Prologue proportions, it is still the ultimate race of truth...and smack talking. What has thrown a wrinkle into the equation this year is the change of course venue. All previous results and times mean nothing...we all get a clean slate.

Of course this doesn't mean that Mongo will all of a sudden threaten the podium in my new, less populated, Masters category, but there are always horses for courses...and this might be my track. We'll see. My point to all of this is that my training and time in the saddle have both increased exponentially as of late. This has been a rude wake-up call for my honey-bun infused physique, but it feels good to get back at it.

I had a strong team ride on Thursday with a bunch of the fast guys. Forty-plus miles with lots of climbing and speed work. On Saturday, Mongo returned to the Cat 6/7 "Enemy Bike Shop" ride and took the win...again..."I really should cat-up"...against a pretty small yet formidable field. Sunday was the day of the progressively worse headache.

I rolled out early with "New Bike...Again" Tom and "Danimal" for a brisk thirty on the trail, but I was already feeling a potential migraine coming on. I had a shitty ride and bailed out about three quarters of the way through to get some Goody's at a gas station. Long story short...Goody's didn't work, headache got worse, took more drugs, was asleep by nine.

Today Mongo went out and did a solo loop on the 23/2300 Hammerfest course. It was slow and easy but I was enjoying the sixty degree sunshine. I'm tired... but looking forward to the upcoming cycling season.

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