Thursday, May 20, 2010

Burning Down The House: This Is Going To Get Good looks like Floyd Landis is about to go all "Jose Canseco" on professional cycling. After years of lying his ass off about doping, Landis has not only admitted to doing it rampantly, but he is prepared to throw a lot of other people under the bus.

Everyone hates a snitch...or at least should, but if Pro cycling is ever going to be clean, it's going to start with a high-profile whistle blower pulling back the curtains and overturning the rocks.

Landis claims he was first introduced to doping by Johan Bruyneel,(Not surprised!) and that he was handed his first round of EPO by none other than Mellow Johnny himself.(Not surprised!)

Floyd Landis is a cheating, lying, weasel...but that doesn't mean that what he's saying now is untrue. He probably has a book coming out, a la Canseco's "Juiced", but hopefully, the end result of this whistle blowing will be a fresh look at the realities of the sport and the comeuppance of the smug and undeserving heroes who have cheated the sport.

I know that Mongo's boy, Greg LeMond, is smiling a little smile right now.

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