Sunday, July 25, 2010

L**ce A*ms**ong Is An Asshole (Allegedly?)...Among Other Things


Mongo could spend hours eloquently dissecting everything I find distasteful about Mellow Johhnny...but I won't. He will get his, sooner or later, much like a fellow Texan did when he lied to Congress and and the world and watched his reputation and Hall of Fame career go down the toilet under the weight of inscrutable evidence against him.

I intend to focus on the "Team Kit Fiasco" of the final stage and podium.

On the surface it may seem harmless or even like RadioShack was unfairly treated for trying to wear unofficial and incorrectly numbered jerseys. After all, supposedly the intention was to raise awareness for Cancer research by highlighting the number of people (28 Million) who are suffering with Cancer in the world today. A noble thought on the surface. But was that really all it was? Or...was Armstrong, in his own smug way, trying to upstage Contador, stick it to his detractors by acting like an entitled, spoiled child, and keep himself in the spotlight under the unassailable cloak of charity.

1...RadioShack/Armstrong never asked Tour organisers for permission to wear the special kits.

2...All RadioShack riders signed in for the final stage in their regular kits.

3...They showed up a the start line in the Livestrong 28 kits.

4...Race organisers said "No fucking way" and made them change.

5...The start of the stage was delayed fifteen minutes.

6...They changed back into the banned kits for the Team Champion presentation.

Go away, Lance!...Most of us won't miss you, and you probably need to spend some time with your team...your criminal defense team.

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