Friday, July 23, 2010

Winning Breeds Winning: Mongo Takes Field Sprint At Friday Night Ride

The weekly turnout at the SBFNR is like a good seafood gumbo. The ingredients always vary, but the end result is usually tasty. I have to imagine that due to the heat index being in the 100+ range today, our turnout was particularly small. As a matter of fact, the peloton never swelled above six riders.

On the final few kilometres (That's European for miles) of the home stretch, the key players in the final result were Mongo, Boonen, Darell, and a creepily effeminate, South American dude on a Serotta.

Mongo played the strategy game well. All the other guys attacked and were covered, and when we hit about 300 metres (That's European for yards) to go, Mongo channeled his best Petacchi and took it to the hizzy!

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