Thursday, July 29, 2010

Too Good To Be True


It's funny how liking or disliking a particular cyclist can sway ones willingness to suspend disbelief or rush to judgement. Mongo is consistently critical of riders who I don't like and that I'm convinced are cheating. On the other hand, I leave some of my favorites alone until the inevitable hammer drops. Is this fair and balanced? No it's not.

Mongo still likes to think of himself as an idealist. I want things to be the way they "should be" or "could be", rather than the way they "are". Though Mongo is most definitely not naive in the ways and realities of the world we live in, I choose not to be a hopeless cynic.

It's good to have heroes...and to believe in the transformative effects of sport and human endeavour. We raise ourselves up when we see what can be possible.

That being said...after enjoying his renaissance performance for the past three weeks and purposely ignoring that little voice in my ear that was telling me what I didn't want to hear, Mongo has to address the fact that there's no way that Petacchi did what he did without cheating. The authorities seem to agree with me and are intent on proving it.

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