Monday, July 19, 2010

You Play To Win The Game

Enough already!

If there's one thing that we as human beings know how to do, it's to project unrealistic expectations, ethics, and values onto others so that when they inevitably fail in their perfection and succumb to their humanity we can gather in a mob, either literally or virtually, and behind a curtain of insecurity and lack of self-awareness, criticize their shortcomings and trumpet our own moral high ground. (Pretty long sentence...68 words...Impressive!)

That being said, Mongo is down with what Contador did today. Schleck attacked, missed a shift, and dropped his chain. If he had fallen, been interfered with, or gotten off his bike immediately, I would tend to support the "tradition" of not attacking the Yellow Jersey under these circumstances. The fact is that he was still moving forward on the bike trying to re-engage the chain when Contador went past him.

Yes...Lance waited for Jan, and Jan waited for Lance, but those were completely different circumstances. Oh, by the way, I don't remember Lance waiting for Joseba Beloki.

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