Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Should Look Something Like This

With any luck at all, Mongo's new frame should be here by Thursday and the bike rebuilt and ready to go soon thereafter. And if truth be told, and it is, I'm ready for it to happen. I have experienced what you might call "vintage overexposure" with my exclusive, three week relationship with LPE.

Let's take a walk down "Analogy Lane"...

If you owned a 2010, Mercedes SL600 and a 1972, Hemi 'Cuda then you would have two bad-ass rides...but they are different. One is a modern, state of the art sports car that can be driven every day, the other is a finicky muscle-car meant for weekend driving and special occasions.

If you drove the 'Cuda too often then it would lose it's luster, magic, and intrigue. Shit would start breaking on it and you would sadly come to the conclusion that you'd rather be driving the Benz because the 'Cuda is nothing more than an old piece of crap and not the "classic" you once held in high esteem...No one wants that.

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