Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sub-18 2.0: Aww Yeah!

Here it is boys and girls. Mongo's new frame... replaced for free under warranty by the great Specialized Bicycle Company (I swapped the stock carbon fork with a black, Easton EC 70). This has all worked out well for Mongo.

The Allez Comp is Specialized's top of the line, aluminum, race-geometry frame. In fact, it has the same specs as the carbon Tarmac, except for a ten millimeter taller head-tube and a half a degree slacker rake. As a bonus, this model is outfitted with carbon seatstays and the frame is about 100 grams lighter than my old one...I'm psyched!

Mongo has to give a shout-out to Arno and the gang at S.C.D. Cycles...who have handled both of my Specialized warranty issues over the years with enthusiasm and generosity.

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