Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chasing The Dragon: The Right Base Layer And A Strong Headwind

Mongo lives within ten miles of one of the most important and strategic Air Force bases in the country. Stealth fighters and bombers, Presidential visits on Air Force One, overseas staging and deployment...all of these things happen there. All in all, it's pretty cool to live close enough that I get to see all the different planes coming to and going from the base. (Unless, of course, the "Ruskies" decide to launch) This weekend they are hosting a big air show...and the Blue Angels are the headliners.

Since I've lived where I live, I've seen the Blue Angels perform and train over my house about a half a dozen times...and it never gets old. They are louder than loud and overwhelmingly impressive in their precision and beauty. I stood in my driveway today, straddling the top bar of LPE, staring into the oceanic sky for almost twenty minutes, while three of these beauties ripped up the heavens above me. I seriously almost shed a was very moving.

Then I went riding...It was windy as hell...I was underdressed...Chatted with "Doo Doo" Brown and "MC-Lean"...Did 25 miles into the wind, uphill both ways...Went home.

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