Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brotherhood Of The Damned

Mongo has finally relented and given up. I once defended the ideals and magnificence of a sport built on cheating and lies. It has taken a long, long time, but now I see it clearly. Professional Cycling is a bubbling cauldron of incestuous, self-preserving, mob-mentality, Gumbo.

When was the last time you heard a top rider call anyone out...for anything? Sure, they'll bitch about rules or course conditions, but ask them to address doping, or other riders, or questionable teams, and they'll clam up like they're all patched-in members of SAMCRO.

Everyone...from team owners to team managers, from Tour winners to can't-miss prodigies, have either something to gain, something to hide, or something to lose. Nobody wants to threaten their own piece of the pie.

It will only be from outside agencies and pressures that any true reform will happen with the integrity, or lack thereof, of Professional Cycling. And do we really want it...or care?

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