Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Donkey Show In Tijuana Away From Becoming Trek

Expanding market share through overexposure and corporate greed is the first step in losing one's "Street Cred". The "Great Specialized Bicycle Company", of which Mongo has been a proud owner of their products for many years, has decided to step their game up and flood the Pro Tour with three teams riding their bikes...Astana, Saxo, and now HTC.

What the Pros ride matters little to anyone other than the serious fan or enthusiast. What does matter is the "Branding" that can come from smart advertising and linking this American company to successes on cycling's highest level. Mongo will wait and see how Specialized uses this unique opportunity to be the "big boy" on the block...and with Trek likely to ride the Mellow Johnny anchor all the way to the bottom, they may decide to fill the corporate mega-brand void that is left. Just don't turn into a douchey company and make me hate you!

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