Monday, January 24, 2011

Three Pronged Attack: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

It's been a great weekend of riding. The Sun came out occasionally and the temperatures skyrocketed into the forties. This allowed Mongo to take advantage of some free time and do some "Cat 5 Domination" training.

On Saturday I made my return to the "Enemy Bike Shop" ride. I met up with teammate, "Fast" Eddie, in the parking lot, and we decided to do the "B" ride. Revenge is a dish best served before noon and below forty degrees. We had a fast group of about twenty, and with a strong leadout at the end from Eddie, Mongo took the win and redeemed his third place finish the last time out.

On Sunday I took the F600 out for a cruise to the shop. Tom was flying solo while MC-Lean was out getting a Silver Medal at the Georgia State Cyclocross Championships. I chatted for a long time, including a brief Snow Bunny sighting, and eventually rolled down the SCT with Tom's bride to be, "Queen-A". I split off after a short while and went to the local singletrack. I'm proud to say that Mongo did three complete circuits without either crashing or unclipping. That shit is not only hard, but my HR was at 160+ at an average speed of about 5 mph...Great workout!

Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning and rearranging my garage and getting LPE set up on my new trainer. I have my position on LPE set up exactly like my road bike, and with the multiple handlebar positions, including being in the drops with the Speedbars, it's going to be a perfect addition the the "Cat 5 Domination" arsenal.

After doing all of this, I took out the Barchetta for twelve miles of interval hill training. When I came home, Mongo did thirty more minutes of spinning on the trainer to cool down.

My mantra for the upcoming Tundra Time Trial is this..."I'm going to beat someone I shouldn't!"

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