Monday, January 3, 2011

Where Do I Stand?

I'm always feeling dizzy, my mouth tastes like aluminum, and my legs feel like a couple of dead bodies being dragged through the Everglades...I guess the training is working.

Mongo is taking his Winter cycling program very seriously. I'm doing hard rides on the road, mixing in some challenging, for me, singletrack on the mt. bike, and controlling my diet as well as I ever have. The results are showing. I'm losing weight, tightening up, and increasing my aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. Unfortunately, that ain't good enough.

On Sunday, I went riding with teammates, "Crash Test Dummy" MC-Lean, "Surprisingly Strong" Wes, "Comeback Player Of The Year Candidate" Clay, and "Cat 3 College Ringer" Knox. Mongo didn't have to look too far to find the weakest rider in the group. Since Snow Bunny wasn't was me.

We did thirty miles of climbing steep hills, and then in between to mix it up, we climbed some really steep hills. Mongo was in the back most of the way and even dropped a chain and got temporarily left behind near the end, but overall I was quite satisfied with my performance. I was riding with stronger riders who were 40-80 pounds lighter than me and 8-20 years younger, and the course couldn't have suited my strengths any worse.

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