Monday, January 31, 2011

Wait Forty Five Minutes After Eating

Another week has come and gone as Mongo inches closer to the first race of the year on February 19th. Though a TT, and not really my specialty, it has given me something to focus on over the Winter. The byproduct of which has been Mongo's improved diet, weight loss, and overall elevated fitness. The "Cat Five Domination Triangle", consisting of the road bike, mountain bike, and trainer, along with some newly purchased doping products, makes me think that there's reason to feel confident about the upcoming season.

On Saturday I was planning on making a triumphant return as defending champion to the "Enemy Bike Shop" B ride. I was eventually convinced by "My $6000.00 Cyclocross Bike Finally Paid Off" Tom to HTFU and go back to doing the "A" ride. So Tom, "Fast" Eddie, and myself jumped in and did it. Eddie faded, Mongo hung tough near the front, and in a precursor to his victory the following day in a cyclocross race in Alabama, Tom went to the front and never looked back. In all honesty, this may have been the best I've ridden on this course...ever.

Sunday turned out to be the nicest day of the year, literally, and Mongo made the wrong call on where to do my recovery ride. The SCT was packed! people...they were all out there and in my way. Add to this that the triathletes have come out of the woodwork on their TT bikes, and it was a crowded and miserable day. After twenty miles I turned around and went home.

Today it rained, so I cleaned the bikes and hit the trainer for a fast, forty five minute session. I'll be checking out the TT course on Thursday and putting in a couple of practice runs, so Mongo will be able to compare his times to last year's race and see where I stand.

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