Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Going Epic: The Monday Ride

Now that the 23/2300 Hammerfest season has ended with the time change, Mongo must find other outlets for my Monday riding. A small groundswell of support has risen for an 8:00 am ride each week, but I'll believe it when I see it. It seems like most people forget to realize that at that time of the morning...during the Winter...it's cold as shit!

Mongo was supposed to go on a noon ride yesterday with "Cat 3 No-Show" MC-Lean. It seems like the young man got drunk the night before, forgot about our plans, and overslept. Though somewhat groggy and remorseful on the phone when I woke him up, he bailed on the ride. Luckily for Mongo, while I was waiting at the shop, my old nemesis and rival, Snow Bunny, expressed interest in going for a ride on his brand new, $6500.00 carbon "whip".

After much lollygagging and dicking around, Mongo agreed to do a five mile climb to meet SB by his house so that we could start the ride. Once under way, we did some of the Hammerfest course backwards and then decided to follow a mysterious marked route that overlapped some of the streets we use...and the adventure was officially on.

If I had more time and inclination, I would describe in great detail how our neighborhood jaunt turned into a 50 mile ride into downtown Atlanta. We just kept getting deeper and deeper into the ride while following the markings, that it got to the point that we were "all in" and had to see where our course ended. We never really did.

After rolling through Georgia Tech, going into a few "hoods", and circumnavigating the Georgia Dome, we decided that it was time to head back. Battling rush-hour traffic, cramps (Snow Bunny only!), and overall tiredness, we made it back to home base over three hours after the ride began.

It was actually a good experience exploring these new routes. We get so caught up in planning and repetition that sometimes you forget how much fun it is just to ride your bike.

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