Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jar Of Flies

Occasionally on this blog, Mongo has talked about music. If truth be told, and it is, music has been as much a part of my life since childhood as anything else important to me. I am not unique in my feelings, thank goodness, for the more people that find inspiration, connection, acceptance, and love, through a beat, a chord, a lyric, or jam...the better. Music stirs the soul from the bottom of the pot...and that's where the real flavor comes from.

Maybe from time to time I'll throw in more snippets of my musical background, but let's just say that my "street cred" is impeccable. Mongo won't "out dork" anyone with discographies of bootlegs and imports, but since the mid seventies, when it comes to rock and roll...Mongo is down!

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