Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hit The Floor Don't Ask For More

Mongo has ridden very well over the last couple of weeks. Several hundred miles, two successful insertions into the "Enemy Bike Shop" peloton, a half-dozen smackdowns, a couple of hard sessions of interval hill training...not too shabby. But the fact still remains that Mongo needs to lose twenty pounds o' fat if I'm going to step it up and get some results in my "Cat 5 Domination" campaign of 2011. So...

Once again, Mongo will be temporarily putting my addiction on the shelf for the entire month of December...and quitting the consumption of ice-cream.

Mongo doesn't do moderation with the vices I have, or have had, in my life. It's all or nothing! I plan on entering the new year at least 5-10 pounds lighter than I am, right now, sitting on my fat ass in front of the computer.

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