Monday, November 22, 2010

Three Days Grace

Mongo got a rare opportunity to ride over the past three days. I did the "Enemy Bike Shop" ride on Saturday with Clay and "Snow Bunny"...which everyone not named "Snow Bunny" completed and enjoyed. The peloton was 40+ strong, and the pace over the ride averaged close to 20 mph. I was actually quite surprised how well I rode. Mongo's performance was unexplained and unexpected...but I'll take it!

On Sunday, I took LPE out for a 30 mile recovery ride. It was fairly uneventful until I was forced to chase down and pass a dude on a Look 595. It is part of the fun, as well as the burden, to smackdown pretentious roadies on my tricked-out mountain bike. No one can believe it's happening to they expend every bit of energy in a losing effort.

Today, Mongo did a medium paced ride around the 23/2300 Hammerfest loop...then I added another 15 miles on the Silver Comet Trail. In my tired and depleted state on the way home, I was jumped by what I can only imagine was a husband/wife team, due to their matching Independent Fabrications titanium bikes, and had to do the final five kilometres (European for miles) at 26 mph to stay ahead of them.

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