Tuesday, December 21, 2010

50 PSI: Cat 5 Domination Goes Knobby

One of the things that Mongo enjoys most about road cycling, is the ability to zone-out and daydream while not really paying close attention to the details of the terrain around me. A road is a road is a road, so to speak. Sure, there are potholes and glass and the occasional varmint, but you can usually see these obstacles coming without much distress. But as I was reminded on Sunday, when mountain biking on some technical singletrack, you'd better be paying close attention to "everything' or...you're gonna crash.

After getting rained and colded out on Saturday, Mongo managed to get in two great days of riding on Sunday and Monday. I hit the trail on Sunday on the F600, and got my mountain biking legs back under me. There's a 3/4 mile, man-made track near my house, and after getting a great workout doing multiple laps, I plan to spend a lot of time there over the Winter. Trust me, I need the work, and the cardio benefits will help with my climbing on the road.

On Monday, I ran into "Just Home From College" Jimmy at the shop, and we did the 23/2300 Hammerfest loop at a moderate pace. It was nice to see the results of my efforts at "Enemy Bike Shop" ride over the past couple of months pay off, as I was feeling stronger on the much steeper climbs of the 'Fest.

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