Monday, December 13, 2010

Da Funk And Da Noise: The Saturday Ride...But Where Was Snow Bunny?

Mongo did his fourth consecutive "Enemy Bike Shop" ride on Saturday, and this time I had five other teammates with me. "Fast" Eddie and "No Nickname" Mark met me at the beginning of the ride, while "Piathlete" Jason, "I'm Just Waiting For 2011" Clay, and "If You Ain't Racin', You Ain't Ridin'" Tom, joined the ride about eight miles in.

The Smyrna crew controlled the pace most of the day, with Tom turning the final twenty miles into race conditions at the front of the peloton. It's always beneficial to be wearing the same kit as some of the fastest guys in the group. Mongo was able to yo-yo back and forth between my guys at the front and the comfort of the draft in the middle of the pack without much interference from this usually difficult peloton.

It was a little slower than last week, with some of the Cat 1/2 types absent, but the average speed was still over 20 mph. Weather permitting, Mongo is doing this ride every week from now on. The topography suits my game, and there are always better cyclists there to push me.

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