Monday, December 6, 2010

What's New In Douchey?: Custom Frames And A Cold Chamois

I feel like I'm closing out my 2010, "Cat 5 Domination" season in good style. Mongo is six days into my hunger strike on Ben & Jerry's, and my performances on the bike have been on a positive upswing. On Saturday, I did my third consecutive "Enemy Bike Shop" ride, and this one was a doozy.

Normally, I meet up with the ride about three miles into it, but on Saturday I decided to do the whole shebang. When I arrived in the parking lot, there were about 80 people staging their bikes... I was shocked. It was cold and windy, and even on warm days there's usually no more than 50 riders, but that day it was packed. I'm still not sure why.

There were team kits everywhere...except my own team. Mongo was going "Lone Wolf" in a sea of at least three teams with five or more riders. The "Enemy Bike Shop" team was out in full force with twelve riders...most of them rocking Agostinos with team colors. The peloton split into two different rides, with about 60 people going my way...and it was on from the get go. 

Mongo rode as well as I have in months. I guess I accidentally stumbled onto the perfect combination of training, doping, nutrition, and rest. I hung tough in a sea of Wiliers, Litespeeds, Madones, and smugness...finishing the 40+ mile ride at a 21.7 average speed.

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