Monday, December 13, 2010

AK47 Update: I Might Regret This

Mongo hasn't quite decided how I'm going to roll with the 2011 Pro Tour season. I may continue my current love/hate conflict with the ideology versus the reality of the sport in it's current form, or I might just say "fuck it" and not worry about the process, and instead, just enjoy the matter how questionable or unlikely. We'll see!

On that note, Mongo has decided to give one of his "Guys" a second chance. I have always been a fan of shady, German cyclists. The Godfather, of course, being "The Jan", and the younger, smarter, Michael Corleone being Andreas Kloden.

I see no reason why this shouldn't be a good year for AK47. Here are the GC riders for RadioShack in 2011...Kloden, Leipheimer, Brajkovic, Horner. The smart money is that Johan Bruyneel is going to ride with Kloden and have Brajkovic as his reserve. "Shetland Jens Voigt" and Horner will be riding support roles in Europe and get tossed a bone at the Tour of California as protected riders.


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