Sunday, June 13, 2010

Every Good Story Has A Comeback

After a violent, stitch-inducing crash a couple of weeks ago, young star on the rise and party animal, MC-Lean, redeems himself by winning the Criterium and coming in second in the Road Race at The Georgia Cup Series in Rome.

In his final race in Georgia before moving on to steeper slopes and hairier women in Colorado, "Alp d'Huez" Mike powered his way to a second place podium spot in the TT..."Mike, I promise to always hold my line...Good Luck!" (M.P.)

TT stalwart and diesel engine, "Crazylegs Boonen", put in his usual solid ride and "Clydesdaled" his way to a podium-annex spot in fourth. The performance of the day may go to the "lady" of the Smyrna Bicycles Cycling Team...and no, I'm not talking about "Snow Bunny", who has inexplicably retired from cycling once again... I'm talking about "I beat Dan by six seconds" Kinga. A personal best and a win in her class.

Congratulations to all team members who participated...including "I lost to Kinga by six seconds" Dan.

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