Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interval Hill Training: Cutting To The Chase

It's been raining in Mongo's neck of the woods for what seems like a couple of weeks now. Based on this and my work schedule, my time on the bike has been cut back dramatically. Mongo's waistline and peace of mind have been the victims in this sedentary stretch.

Because my windows of opportunity between thunderstorms and rain have been short, I have been forced to venture into what has traditionally been skateboarding territory in the neighborhoods surrounding my own and do what I like doing least...which is climb steep hills as fast as I can over and over.

Mongo has created a ten mile loop, with five miles of going up on slopes with a grade ranging from seven to twenty percent, that I can complete it in a little under an hour. My HR maxes out at 170, and my average HR for the loop is just under 140...and I'm sweating more profusely than my usual profuse sweating. It really feels like I'm getting a much better workout than an average, two hour, forty mile ride on the road. Plus, my abs are getting a much needed, P90x-style boot camp.

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