Sunday, June 20, 2010

Huh... Didn't See That Coming

In what seemed to have more re-shuffling than a cheaters poker game, the final stage TT in the Tour de Suisse shook up the leaderboard and made it rain...with Fleck coming out of the pack to claim the overall title and Mellow Johnny somehow coming in second.

As it turned out, everyone who was in first through fifth place going into the stage decided just not to show up. Robert Gesink was the worst off, going from leading the race to finishing fifth. And it's not as if Schleck and Mellow Johnny put in blistering times. They finished eleventh and thirteenth....Potential GC contenders in the TDF like AK47, LBM, StEvolder, and DZ Nutz, all had better times.

Mellow Johnny's last two results and next race: Do you see a trend?: Tour of Luxembourg-3rd/ Tour of Switzerland-2nd/ Tour de France-(Ha, ha...are you f***ing kidding me? Not gonna happen!)


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