Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ain't That A Bitch!?

After a successful return to the 23/2300 Hammerfest peloton on Monday night, where my efforts and results were in the range of what I was looking for after my prolonged layoff, Mongo pedaled home feeling pretty good about the day's effort. I knew that another week of training hard would put me right back in the middle of the pack...where my ice-cream habit allows me to comfortably exist.

All of these good thoughts changed when I hung up the Sub-18 in my garage and noticed m***er f****ng frame was cracked! Are you kidding me!? Right at the weld where the top-tube meets the seat-tube. It's been a good run, but Mongo is getting a new frame whether I like it or not.

The best case scenario is that Specialized (THE GREATEST BIKE COMPANY IN THE WORLD), will warranty the frame and send me a new one for free. Since they did this once already for me a few years ago, I might be out o' luck. The next best option would be to offer me a different frame super cheap. I would step up to a Tarmac if the price was right.

The ball will start rolling on all of this tomorrow, but in the meantime, Mongo will be forced to ride LPE exclusively. Watch out people...a few weeks of training heavy, then getting a new carbon frame, might all lead to a few surprises in the peloton upon my return.

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