Monday, August 2, 2010

X Games = Video Games

I think that I'm finally too old to "really" enjoy the X Games. Oh, I appreciate the skill and talent it takes to excel in all the disciplines, but it just seems like they're trying to legitimize gimmicks and stunts into actual sports. Except for skateboarding.

The "Big Air" contests on the Megaramp are truly gnarly, and the "Street" competitions showcase the amazing tech-tricks, but it was the "Skate Park" display by both the young guns and the legends that thrilled Mongo.

I'd like to hope that this is the way skateboarding in general is going. Modern "Parks" incorporate the best elements of street, vert, and pool skating in one arena. I think it best identifies the best all around rider. The future looks bright, with accomplished rippers barely in the middle of their teens, but it's Mongo's contemporaries that still get me excited.

The "Legends" Park final was a who's who of the pioneers of the sport. I'd watch these guys put on grip tape... nevermind shredding a pool. This is how they finished...1. Christian Hosoi 2. Chris Miller 3. Steve Caballero 4. Lance Mountain 5. Jeff Grosso

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