Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Day Late...Twenty Miles Short...A Flat Tire: The Sunday Ride

Well...I guess Mongo should be happy with my accelerated "Cat 5 Domination" training this week. I have essentially painted myself into a corner with all my whining and excuses, and now I am obligated to perform well tomorrow night at the 23/2300 Hammerfest.

I had hoped to get in a strong 120 miles of training over the three days I had available this week, but I was only able to get in a hundy due to rain on Saturday morning. Mongo used to semi-happily ride in the rain all the time..."not no mo'!" My anal retentiveness won't allow me to enjoy the ride when I know what a pain in the ass it will be to clean the bike later.

Mongo took out LPE this afternoon for a brisk 40 at about 135 avg HR. I've been mixing intervals into my rides to simulate climbing, but my main purpose this week was to put miles back onto my legs and taint. But as you know by now, Mongo cant resist a good smackdown.

Today it was a P3 and a Transition, and it lasted about fifteen miles. Mongo had to stay in the Speed Bars most of the way to hang with these TT bikes, but we averaged a tad over 22 for the run. They constantly tried to drop me and were stunned that a dude on a Mt. bike was hanging with them, but by the end I managed to strike up some non-douchey conversation and we all happily rolled in together.

Mongo stopped by the shop on the way home and saw something that no one has actually seen in years...both owners working at the the same time...together! It was a rarer sighting than a Chupacabra or a good looking female triathlete. After about an hour of lurking and chatting with the fellas, Mongo pedaled the three miles back to the house...But not before getting a slow leak in my rear tire and riding home at about 30 psi.

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